Sample Code

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This self-contained script is for an extensive online application, with required field verification. After verifying that the required fields are filled in, it mails the application to the intended recipient.

This script is for ordering weekend reservations, with two packages available plus the ability to add extra people. The script uses both Javascript and PHP verification. The script is intended to mail the order with the full credit card information to a secure fax server, while an the order with the credit card information blocked out is sent to the recipient.

This is a online utility to read, display, and convert various kinds of color palette files.

page.tpl.php & style.css
This is the main template page and stylesheet for my Drupal website, .

Also for my site, this "node" template has modifications to make the name anchors appear correctly on the page.

fadetext.php &
These scripts are for generating on the fly the reflective text images for the headers on my website.

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