Independent Sites

While much of my work has been done through JEO.NET and Gorilla, I have had the opportunity to work on some other projects independently.

Sorrento's Restaurant

  • Designed site to match restaurant's existing menu
  • Built site
  • Implemented Google maps
  • Edited and stitched together photos
  • Client has access to update content

Brian Pollmann

  • Designed and built site in 48 hours
  • Designed using Hutchinson school colors
  • Edited photos
  • Client has access to update content

Amy Novick

  • Designed and built site
  • Built dynamic Upcoming Events list using php
  • Built photo gallery with pop-up windows

Star Trek: Eras the Audio Series

  • Designed and built site
  • Created stylized backgrounds and logos, based on elements from Paramount's Star Trek Franchise
  • Backgrounds and logo chosen randomly with Java Script
  • Extensive use of multi-browser png transparency