Drupal Sites

Over the past several years, I have become very proficient in the content management system known as Drupal. (I have worked with versions 4, 5, and 6, and am anxiously awaiting the full release of Drupal 7.) Drupal runs on PHP and a database such as MySQL. Its capabilities are extended though its many community modules.

Verizon Wireless Intranet

  • On the team building Verizon Wireless's new intranet site, serving over 90,000 employees, using Drupal 6
  • Lead themer and developer
  • Redesigned the look and feed of site to align with the company's "Rule the Air" rebranding
  • Built an RSS-style newsreader using Views, jQuery, and custom modules
  • Created a module to override Drupal's cache clearing functions, making them more granular to prevent accidental flushes of large amounts of cached data
  • Created a module to manage Javascript Libraries and implement them on pages when need, making use of existing Drupal modules
  • Created custom themes for special events

Realty and Mortgage

  • Lead developer, coordinating with a project manager, two other developers, and artistic director
  • Built custom theme from HTML mockups, Photoshop PSD files, and wireframe diagrams
  • Determined and implemented the best modules to fit the site's needs
  • Programed custom modules

Amana Colonies Convention & Visitors Bureau

  • Overhauled entire website design to match client's print material and Visitor's Guide
  • Built site
  • Created and programmed rotating homepage banners
  • Created top banner collages specific to each page
  • Developed a header system to accommodate either an image file or text, depending if images are available for that page
  • Modified business ads from 2 and 3-column print material for smaller online ad space
  • Programmed rotating ads to showcase member businesses
  • Programmed clickable image map to select detailed colony pdf maps
  • Added colored html bulleted numbers on pdf maps corresponding to business categories
  • Replaced incorrect maps in Visitor's Guide and made the downloadable pdf
  • Drupal allows client to update the content
  • Client can update text on html pages
  • Client can update all business and calendar of events information by uploading csv files, which then update the information on all appropriate pages
  • Users see php pages that include updated text and business listings from the database

Iowa City Area Association of Realtors

  • Designed and built site to serve several hundred individual members through three main sections: public, members, and education
  • Members' section includes fillable pdf forms for agents to complete. When it was made, the full Acrobat was needed to save these files. Jeo.net found a way to populate pdf templates using php and integrated this process into the Drupal site.
  • Built the member classes section twice: once in osCommerce made to look like Drupal; then by customizing the Drupal commerce and file download modules for members to sign-up, order, and pay for classes online.
  • After members take classes, the members and the association can download certificates with agent's names and classes taken. A pdf template is dynamically populated when the file is downloaded, accomplished by modifying the Drupal commerce module.
  • Added flash player and video to home page
  • Client can upload content through Drupal

Bella Joli

  • 3rd wesbite designed for this business owner
  • Designed site using Web 2.0 trends - curved and rounded edges, subtle gradients, glossy look
  • Built in 2-3 weeks
  • Received content from client in word files with jpg images; low quality images were replaced with higher quality images either by Google searches or image capture of 200% screen shots
  • Image gallery added by client after site was built

Open Air Market Network

  • As a portal for worldwide outdoor markets, hundreds of users log in and post content
  • Designed site's "new look" in Drupal with a consistent header and different background colors for each section
  • Automated the process to determine each of the hundreds of existing web pages' appropriate sections by checking each pages' path for keywords and Drupal content type

Iowa Interstate Railroad

  • Designed the previous static site and this Drupal site
  • Built the online Employment Application form with validation
  • Created System Map from more detailed railroad map
  • Client updates employment opportunities, forms, and press releases and tariff rates through Drupal